Posted by: ifonechip | November 21, 2009

When beauty is a “Symbol of sadness and Death”.

This is the Sunshine Skyway a bridge build linking Pinellas And Manatee Counties . As beautiful as this bridge look, it has a dark side it’s a symbol of death to those who come here monthly to end their lives. At the top of the bridge only a concrete wall roughly 3 1/2 feet high borders the apex of the main span of the 4.1 mile suspension bridge.The plunge to the water last about 3.5 seconds.Most people are killed when they hit the water at 75 MPH. The Body is mangled while the organs rip loose, clothes are often ripped off, skulls are smashed, bones are crushed and teeth shattered.They drive their car up to the highest peak of the 197 feet bridge park their car ,Get out and hop up on the rail and let their feet dangle over the edge for a few moment and push off to their death.
For that short moment on the rail we will never know what’s going through their mind. Are they
Making peace with God or waiting to be talked down a question that will always go unanswered. Since the new rebuild bridge open in 1987 , 130 people has committed suicide by jumping into the water from the center span into the waters of Tampa Bay . The Sunshine Skyway is among the most notorious American bridges for suicides. The most infamous is the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge with the most suicides approximately 30 suicides per year.
The Sunshine Skyway a bridge of beauty but a one way stop for those wanting to end their life.
What are your comments about suicide ?


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  3. I don’t think I could ever drive anywhere near them.

  4. Your post makes you think especially this time of year when we all have so much to be thankful for. For someone to comment suicide no matter where is a sad event, to do it at such a magnificent location is a beautiful tragedy.

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